Story Trial ^^

another sample story for my upcoming project

Class Room
Student 1: i wanna see madara senpai
Student 2: yeah i wish i can see simiji senpai also
chang listen to the student while she walk inside the classroom with a grumpy face
*as if they know how evil is brother is*

Rika: hi chang morning , mmmm early for a grumpy face ..
Chang: it's not my fault my brother didn't wake me up. first day of school ..
Rika: who madara ??
Chang: Who else ...

Yuna: what with the face chang *laugh*
Chang: gezzz nothing .. *pissed off* morning
Rika: *laugh* morning yuna .. it's his brother madara didn't wake her up early
Yuna: that story never gets old chang. every first of school year

chang smile and said "yeah" while she look at the sky and thinks what will happen this yeah

see you soon for more ! ~ ~ Afufufufufu

still not done with my MMD models
but my progress in MMD making is 50% harhar

A sample story for my upcoming project
Yuki's House

Yuki: guys wait .. i'm going to make something .. while we wait for cadieh
run's to the kitchen
Madara: mmm sure

Simiji: haha man are you nervous or something ?? .. *laughs*
Madara: shut up .. !!

see you soon for more ! ~ ~ Afufufufufu
2015.03.01 MMD moment

now been busy and learning mmd for a week or 2 weeks now ^^
and still waiting for my new pc to come
i hope soon :D
Ash and Cadieh

Cadieh: ash ash .. will you come with us .. ??

ash: where ??

Cadieh: your eyess .. are sooo ...
Ash: mmmm?? *smile*
Cadieh: i mean well *blush* go in the park chang others are there too

see you soon for more ! ~ ~ Afufufufufu