finally i found a world that fits my style small but cute
this is the 4th house i install and pick
at first i'm afraid to install this because it's all sims3pack file but when i install it i dont have any regrets
it turn out so wonderfull <3

this is the 5th house, small one also and cc are safe, clean and no error
Last two house and i'm done
i can finally make my random stories


visit them they upload a wonderful CC and Builds
( Part 1 )

one day mich and chang decided to rent a dorm room for the coming school this year so mich found a nice one with only 2 rooms at an all-girl dorm
and when they arrived

Chang: nee michchan you sure this is the right place ? ...
Mich: yeah no mistake ( check the map ) see ... no mistake at all
Chang: but ..... ! ( notice there 3 boys talking inside )
Mich: NiiChan told me this is an all-girls dorm !!.. ( pissed ) i'm going to kill him when i call home !!
Chang: there's no backing out on this we already paid for the first month rent ( conflict )
Mich: ( don't know what to do ) you’re right .. plus this dorm is so close to the school and a nice cafe

Haruka: is it just me or are those 2 girls is standing there
Makato: oh right !! ... maybe they are lost or something ? go ask rei !!
Rei: ( thinking ) haruka did your Michikonee told you this is a all boys dorm right ?
Haruka: yeah why ? ... also cheap as hell even this place is really nice for a dorm
Makato: whats wrong rei ? ... ( confuse )
Rei: by the look of those face they maybe in some kind in trouble .. what do you think Haruka ?
Makato: LET THEM BEEE LET'S CHECK THE ROOOOM !!! i wonder if my guitar is already there
Rei: .......... ( fall silent )
Haruka: all you think is your guitar !!

( to be continue )